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The following is a partial list of past projects and collaborations:

  • Recording and producing classical music for “on-hold” calls to Connecticut Agricultural Society

  • Recording and producing a CD of chants for national storyteller, Tina Devine

  • Writing, performing and recording several original songs on various CDs

  • Photography for a bank security challenge application

  • Writing, performing and recording original music, entitled Voyage to accompany the Dancing Leaves art installation at the Darien Nature Center

  • Writing, performing and producing music for a film, Stoned Broke, for the Cannes Film Festival

  • Scripting, shooting, composing / recording score, and editing promotional educational video for The Graduate Institute

  • Designing and producing print advertisement materials for The Graduate Institute

  • Scripting, shooting and editing video for CLASP Homes, Developmentally Challenged Adults

  • Serving as house musicians for CLASP Homes special events and religious services

  • Producing live music for CLASP Homes annual appeal to raise funds and awareness

  • Participating in video production efforts of Elite Video, Inc., formerly of Greenwich, CT

  • Development of a “count-down” screensaver, under the direction of Lucidon Designs, for installation on computer desktops of all IBM employees in the Internet Division, with interface to IBM intranet as part of the “180-day Initiative”

  • Designing and creating “count-down” screensaver for installation on computer desktops of all CONVERGE employees with interface to CONVERGE webpage as a performance tool

  • Designing and creating animated presentation for a New York area Ride-Share campaign

  • Designing, creating and initiation data collection, management and storage packages

  • Creating and sharing inspirational stories for annual youth events (these stories are currently being prepared for publication
    and distribution in different languages)

  • Designing and implementing summer youth programs that incorporate spirituality in nature, hiking, canoeing,
    high ropes exercises, camping, rock climbing and caving

  • Building and maintaining a spectrum of web, email, data management, backup and remote access services
    for business, non-profits and individual clients

  • Providing web, email, and remote access services as a free service in support of various artists

  • Creating pilot software for chat rooms to be utilized in educational settings

  • Collaborating with The Khenuta Project and Bodhisattva Records to produce songs and slam poetry,
    “Songs of our Learning, Liberation and Love”

  • Originating and producing an interactive dialogue game, “Blessings” for distribution

  • Participating in and providing technical support to the Deep Forest Café’s open mic sessions

  • Writing, performing, recording and producing original music for youth services

  • Recording and producing videotapes of numerous youth performances and events

  • Writing and telling stories of the wilderness at Forest Camp science weekends

  • Offering recreational events at nursing homes and facilities for the elderly

  • Photographing and packaging 360 degree building interiors for a "virtual tour" of the retreat facilities at
    Silver Lake Conference Center



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