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Voyage is a musical soundscape written, performed and produced by Dan Broderick and Whendi Cook to accompany the Dancing Leaves photographic exhibit by Tom Berntsen and Nancy Woodward.

Voyage takes us on a journey through a day in the life of a leaf— from gentle awakening with the rising sun, singing of spring and promise… moving into the rhythm of morning and sowing the seeds of summer… with changing weather and fall harvest in the afternoon, rewarded by playful frolicking and adventure… a glorious late-day nap followed by the blissful reaping of the fruits of our labor… and reflections of gratitude as we prepare for feast in the evening, nesting down for winter and regeneration.

This 20 minute recording includes crickets, birds, wind, water, leaves, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, fretless bass, 5-string bass, cello, mandolin, flute, breathwork, vocals, windchimes, singing bowls, kalimba, a spring drum and a gong.  The few words in the soundscape are different expressions of Peace… Pachem in Latin, Om Santi in Hindi, Amani in Swahili, Shalom Aleichem in Hebrew, and Assalamu Alaikum in Arabic.

In variations on a theme, we encounter patterns and recurrences, unexpected adventure and surprise… we experience wonder, challenge, perseverance, flow, solitude, blessings, grace, restoration, peace… we find harmony, resonance and sympathetic vibration… reuniting ourselves in the magic of nature.

Leaves sustain us through photosynthesis; they offer us shelter, food, spice, scent, medicine… and dance!  For copies of Voyage, please contact whendi@leaddog.net.



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